๐Ÿ’ผBlockpay Portalz ๐Ÿ”ด

You'll never be this excited to go to the Office

Blockpay Portalz, the Gateway to your Office. Work hard, Earn hard.

It's time for Skullz to go and get that bread. They'll access their Office through the Blockpay Portalz and will have the ability to join a Squadz lead by a Blockpay NFT boss. They'll be able to bring a salaryz home paid out in $BPAY.

Your NFTs get tired after 3 consecutive days of work so you have to claim their salary every 3 days

Don't want to comeback every 3 days ? Equip them with Gormogโ€™s Blood Relicz, aka Skullz' Energy Drink to add 3 more days to their work shifts.

Accepted NFTs

Staking Rewards

$BPAY rewards are based on the Rarities of your Skullz and the Rarities of the Blockpay NFTs (Shrimp, Dolphin, Shark, Whale).

RarityDaily Rewardz

Legendary & Whale NFTs

1.6 $BPAY / day

Epic & Shark NFTs

0.8 $BPAY / day

Rare & Dolphin NFTs

0.4 $BPAY / day

Great & Shrimp NFTs

0.2 $BPAY / day


In Blockpayโ€™s Office Worldz, youโ€™ll be able to create Squadz with one manager (Blockpay NFT) and from 1 to 5 team members (Skullz)

Multiplier is linked to the number of NFTs you send (slotz used), from 2 to 6 NFTs in a single Squad. The more you send, the more they get paid.

Slotz used23456







Relicz Utility

This portalz allows your NFTs to access the worldz equipped with Relicz. Relicz have a specific utility in each worldz (defined below).

Attributes Utility

If you own MadSkullz NFTs with one or more of these attributes, you're in for great perks within the portalz


Outfit: Tux

+0.4 $BPAY per day

Outfit: Denim Jacket

+0.2 $BPAY per day

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