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MadSkullz NFT

6,666 Skullz fighting for Freedomz

A Collection made through time

MadSkullz NFTs are the very first initiative from SkullzCity. Our end goal is to work and function as a DAO with our Believerz so we've decided to start by involving the community in decisions about MadSkullz Attributes.
The community decided what we design :
A BabySkullz Cap
An Avalanche Hoodie

A Collection telling more than a great story

MadSkullz NFT is about inclusion and diversity from the way we build SkullzCity to the look of our NFTs.
The goal is clearly to create a place where sharing, loving, caring, learning and playing are key elements so everything related to Skullz is about it.
From the Schoolz where skullz learn and share their knowledge, to the Arcadz where skullz can play alone or together

Minting Date

In SkullzCity the number 6 means luck... you might have guessed that June 6th — 6/6 — at 6 PM UTC was an obvious choice for this very special minting event.
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Total Supply

As the lucky number is the 6, MadSkullz total supply has been set to 6,666 NFT
  • 10% of the supply — 666 — was dedicated to BabySkullz holders (500) and to SkullzCity Treasury for Exclusive Giveaways (166). BabySkullz Holders are given a "Free Mint" for the MadSkullz Minting Event
Snapshot was taken randomly few days before the Mint Date. BabySkullz holders still benefit from all the perks attached to the NFT such as a discounted Mint Price.
  • All the rest of the supply was for Whitelisted members then leftovers allocated to the Public Mint
6666 on the 6 of 6 at 6 PM UTC