๐Ÿ’ŽMinting Event

This section is related to the Minting Event that took place on June 6th, 2022. We're keeping it as a reminder of this date since we were aiming to bring the best experience for our holders and future holders: Believerz and Skullz

Step 1: Mint

MadSkullz Minting event was organized in a way where we've spent our max efforts to make the process and the user experience the greatest and as thrilling as we could.

Our Believerz were the first to enter the Cryptz โ€” where the Minting happens โ€” 2 hours before the Public Sale so they've got time to play around and explore one of the greatest minting and reveal experience we might have seen on Avalanche.

The system we've crafted rewards bigger mints: the more you mint per transaction, the cheapest it gets.

Our math is simple:

  • Believerz get an initial 1.8 Avax mint price which decrements .1 Avax for each added one. So the tenth itself costs 0.9 Avax instead of 2 Avax (a 55% Discount on it)

Our Skullz (WL) had access to the event an hour after (1 hour before the Public Sale) so they also had enough time to play around this unique experience

  • They got an initial 2.0 Avax mint price also decrementing .1 Avax for each added one. The tenth costs 1.1 Avax (a 45% Discount)

If WL folks were aiming to mint 10 MadSkullz > It was worth owning a BabySkullz (initial mint price 2 Avax) so for the first 10 Mint โ€” The BabySkullz have paid for itself

  • The contract allowed a maximum of 10 MadSkullz minted per transaction

Step 2: Reveal

After Minting comes an important phase and that's where the UX kicks off. It's time to reveal what your NFT Holdz. Our MadSkullz have a revealed and hidden state.

The Cryptz allows holderz to use their NFT as a key to activate its powers and reveal the true MadSkullz it hides: Its styles, its rarity, its swag and the love it brings to the holder.

Will we sell out?

That's one of the major questions NFT projects creatorz ask themselves when building (at that date, we entered the 2022 Bear market). From what we've been witnessing, some hard actions are sometimes taken (cutting the supply, bringing the price down, etc...)

We didn't do that! They have an army ? We have a Hulkz !

Treasury in SkullzCity is used in a smart way. Our contract has an amazing feature that we call The Hulkz which minted 10 MadSkullz every 1 hour for the Treasury. Those MadSkullz NFT (not revealed are sent back to secondary Marketplaces at 3.1 Avax (2 times the average price)

So Skullz Minters had two options:

  • Buy during the Mint at an average price lower than 2 Avax (with an incremental discount) or

  • Get them from the secondary market at 3.1 Avax (twice their average price) from the Treasury.

Auto-Reveal Feature

We've added an auto-reveal feature that can be triggered when desired after selling out so the community can continue to play the rarity reveal game.

The more Skullz revealed, the easiest it is to know what's left.

The Hulkz & The Missing Onez

A few days after the mint event, thanks to our amazing community and to The Hulkz, we sold out. But something terrible happened in SkullzCity...

A letter was found in the Cryptz, The second lore game where the community had to find the missing words in our Discord.

They had the surprise directly on the mint's website: https://www.mint.madskullz.io/

The Humanz striked once again and now the war between the two worldz is official. We have to find The Missing Onez, 666 Skullz that were taken from us by The Humanz, the same way we took Humanz (in the first discord lore game: Save SkullzCity)

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