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Skullz City's Original Verse

a Walk through Skullz City
Skullz City is the safest place there is... at least it was supposed to be before the Humanz attacks...
This verse is built in a way which is easy to navigate from a web and mobile device meaning that you can have shortcuts and quick actions without having to actually go to a specific place by "walking" there. Saving some of your precious time.
Welcome in Skullz City
SkullzCity has the unique goal to gather communities around three main elements:

Gaming, Learning and Sharing

While our main goal was to entertain our community through mini-games to play-and-earn through the Arcadz, the city has evolved to also allow the learn-and-earn and teach-and-earn mode through the Schoolz
The Portalz serve as the doorway for other communities to join our ecosystem with a service we call : Staking as a Service
Each and every place has its specific features that we're sharing in this document as soon as they're being thought of or built.