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From V1 to V2

An ode to Believerz and to the Community

A smooth transition to celebrate the launch and to reward our long time stakerz, Believerz and Holderz

As this Staking V2 is a major and game changing feature in Skullz City, we wanted to celebrate by allowing everyone to enjoy one month of complimentary V1 Staking, to understand how that works here's the process.
  1. 1.
    The migration from V1 to V2 happened with a snapshot at block n°XXXXXX of all the wallets current states: number of squadz and number of slotz
  2. 2.
    At the same time blocking the slotz and squadz unlocking from the UI
  3. 3.
    We then migrated the data to the new contract V2 which means that at that time. Holderz have both V1 Squadz/Slotz and the V2 ones (Doubling the count of all stakable NFTs)
  4. 4.
    They can keep their current Squadz and get $FLSH token from the V1 Portalz (soon to be fully deprecated)
  5. 5.
    They can send at the very same time other Squadz through the V2 Portalz either in Earthz Portalz or Chiknz Farmz 🔴.

The Parliamentz

Even though the Portalz V1 should have been kept closed only for the ones already there, decision was taken by the Parliamentz to reopen the V1 and allow the late comers or the ones simply following the instructions (unstaking from V1 to go to V2) to be able to stake back other Squadz in the V1 if they'd like to.

Timeline & Next Steps

The V1 Portalz will remain Open until the end of the month April 30th 2023
It is important for everyone to mark that date as on top of closing the Portalz (making everyone unable to Stake), ▶️ The $FLSH Pool will be fully emptied so there won't be anything to claim there: No Humanz to fight anymore, No $FLSH to bring back from this worldz.
We truly hope this major updates will satisfy the long time holderz as well as the new comerz experiencing life with Skullz City.
Just a few Portalz bringing to some Worldz