๐Ÿ‘นOgerz Portalz ๐Ÿ”ด

Bringing you to the Ogerz Realm

Ogerz Portalz, the Gateway to the Ogerz Realm

Ogerz are the only ones allowed to access the Realmz per kOrgOr ruling but they do need an intelligent Skullz being to lead them through.

To go through the Portalz, youโ€™ll need 1 MadSkullz to lead the Klan and up to 5 Ogerz per Squadz (for a total of 6 NFTs in your Squadz)

Your rewardz are based on the rarity of the MadSkullz you send to lead them.

The Ogerz Portalz is the very first Portalz that is fully sponsered by a company. And we're glad to announce that Kalao is our proud Sponsor, hence the rewardz in $KLO

Accepted NFTs

Staking Rewards

$KLO rewards are based on the Rarities of the Skullz leading them through the Realm.

Each Ogerz brings the equivalent of the MadSkullz rewardโ€จ e.g. If you use an Epic MadSkullz to lead (11 $KLO / day), each Ogerz will bring 11 $KLO every day. This means that they all work together to bring the reward and that their efficiency is tied to the rarity of the MadSkullz leading the Squadz.

RarityDaily Rewardz

Great NFTs

5 $KLO / day

Rare NFTs

7 $KLO / day

Epic NFTs

11 $KLO / day

Legendary NFTs

20 $KLO / day


In Ogerz Realm, multiplier is linked to the number of NFTs you send. But here, the more Ogerz NFT you send with your MadSkullz the less they all bring. These dumb Ogerz horde are hard to lead...









Specific Rulez

With the Ogerz Portalz, we're introducing a new feature in our staking mechanics: Vesting This is explained by the lore, as Ogerz Realm is a vast place so when you stake a Squadz there, They'll need ten days to get back to the Portalz.

Ogerz ride their bikes through the realm. They use Gormog's Blood (as NOS) to power their bikes. Torbรคgs are monsters you can find in the plains of the Ogerz Realm and their Blood is considered one of the most powerful fuel for Ogerz bikes.

So with this Portalz, we're also introducing a new Relicz: Gormog's Blood that will allow you to earn 1 day of vesting for each equipped NFTs you send

e.g : You have a Squadz of 1 Legendary MadSkullz + 5 Ogerz and 4 of them have the Relicz equipped.

=> That means that the vesting period will be 10-4 = 6 days => and your multiplier will be set at x0.90

Relicz Utility

This portalz allows your NFTs to access the worldz equipped with Relicz. Relicz have a specific utility in each worldz (defined below). Keep in mind that you'll also be able to find Relicz while traveling there.

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