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The Hulkz & The Missing Onez

Introduction to The Missing Onez

A few days after the mint event, thanks to our amazing community and to The Hulkz, we sold out. But something terrible happened in SkullzCity...
A letter was found in the Cryptz (the mint's website: announcing our second Lore Discovery Game where the community had to find the missing words from that letter in our Discord.
The community was so responsive they were able to discover all the hidden words in less than 2 days through collaborative work and their obvious genius. They then replaced the blanks with those missing words:
After a few research, Skullz found the missing words
As we can see, The Humanz striked once again and now the war between the two worldz is official. We have to find The Missing Onez, 666 Skullz that were taken from us by The Humanz, the same way we took Humanz from them during the first discord lore game: Save SkullzCity)

To find the Missing Onez, There's only one option.

We have to sell all the Keyz The Hulkz owns and reveal what MadSkullz they're hiding. The Mayor's Office will then be able to identify The 666 Missing Onez so we can send The Hulkz to find them in this other Chain...
The Missing Onez: Hulkz is Ready for The Fightz