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When you have a genius idea that no one has done or think of before, there are two options:

First is that it's a genius idea and the timing is great, second is that you're the only one thinking it's actually genius and that's why you're the first one building it.

Well, in our case, that might be both but that's the whole magic with Blockchain technologies. And it's a dream until it's not anymore and the model shows up to be sustainable and scalable.

We have to thank our amazing sponsors which had the guts to say Yes to a very first initiative and investing in it. We truly recommend you check out their websites, documentations, products services and anything you might find.

Sponsor's NameAttribute SponsoredUtilityRewards for Holderz

Eyes: Silta Finance โ„ข

Mini-Game & Learning Quiz

Flesh Tokens

3 Farm Attributes:

Free Mint

66 Free Mints Discounted WL Price at 0.8 Avax

BabySkullz Holders

Free Mint

203 Free Mints

Eyes: Pixel Sunglasses

Free Mint

160 Free Mints

BabySkullz Holders

Free Mint

10 Kool Koalaz

Outfit: Monster Delivery

Free Mint

11 Crafters Animals

Mouth: Golden ticket


1 Golden tickets gave 1 Couponz for the "Couponz Week"

Sausages Degen

Outfit: Hotdog suit

Free Mint

Claim a whitelist if holding the Hotdog Suit

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