๐ŸฅฉFlesh & Rotten Flesh

Introducing the Flesh and rFlesh Tokens

Flesh ($FLSH) is the in-game currency, or in-metaverse per se:

A token only minted through staking and gaming mechanisms within Skullz City and given to NFT holders. (players and stakers)

You can stake your NFTs in a Fighting scene where they can go through the portalz to fight Humanz (Portalz (Staking)). They will bring Flesh home from their campaigns; The longer they fight the more Flesh they bring. Rarity of your NFT also affects your earnings, the rarest the better.

The Flesh token has a very unique way of working: since its flesh, it rots... Some of your Flesh becomes Rotten Flesh ($rFlesh) on a daily basis. (from 1% to X% depending on the rotten speed of it)

Both $FLSH and $rFLSH are non-transferable tokens and don't have liquidity attached. They directly serve the MadSkullz Ecosystem.

You can Swap $rFLSH for Bonez $BNZ following specific halving mechanics. Learn more on Bonez $BNZ

Flesh and rFlesh Technical Overview

Token Airdrop

2000 $FLSH per BabySkullz NFT (500 BabySkullz)

Initial Supply


Max Supply

Infinite โˆž

$FLSH is a rewarding token, it can only be earned in Skullz City, through staking in Earthz Portalz and games.

Every day some of every $FLSH is burnt and the same amount of $rFLSH can be claimed. We call it the Rotting Mechanics where Flesh become Rotten Flesh

Holders can avoid having their $FLSH rot by freezing it at The Butcherz. To do so The Butcherz takes a 5% fee on the $FLSH deposited to the Freezer. This freezing fee is instantly burnt.

Frozen $FLSH ($FLSH Tokens in The Freezer's contract) won't rotten, and can't be used within Skullz City.

In order to unfreeze $FLSH and use them again, there is an unfreeze vesting time of 24 hours (The time for the Flesh to Unfreeze), but The Butcherz allows holders to accelerate the process by using The Microwavez.

Using The Microwavez instantly unfreeze the Flesh in exchange of 10% of the unfroze Flesh avoiding the 24 hours wait.

Of course the unfrozen $FLSH start rotting again every day at the same rate after the unfreeze vesting time or The Microwavez use

$FLSH and $rFLSH are Non transferable ERC-20 tokens which can only be used in Skullz City.

Values may change as we balance the system.

Flesh Utility

Flesh is used in SkullzCity for its trading utility:

  • Upgrade Skullz City and bring new features to the ecosystem by burning their Flesh in the Buildz

  • In the Shopz: To purchase Merchandising made from your NFTs or from our Partnerz

  • To play specific Gamez in SkullzCity

  • To draw on SkullzCity's Pixel Boardz

  • etc.

rFLSH Utility

rFLSH is the secondary utility token within SkullzCity. It is tied to the FLSH token since the only way to get rFLSH is to have Flesh that rots (starting from 1% / day)

The Rotten Flesh is a powerful token in SkullzCity since it allows the holders to:

  • Upgrade the Portalz to add more Slotz and more Squadz so they can bring more Flesh

  • Upgrade your MadSkullz NFT for games (tbc)

  • More utility to come such as it being swapped for $BNZ for the ecosystem allocation

The unique way to mint $BNZ in Skullz City is with Rotten Flesh.

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