The best way to have fun

Our very first initiative in SkullzCity was to build a Playgroundz:

A safe place where our holders can play in solo or multiplayer games while earning tokens from SkullzCity.

It's not just a play-and-earn mechanism, rewardz in our games should be bigger when given to actual winners. We'll integrate different kind of games: hyper-casual, casual, action, adventure, puzzle.

Gamez... What do we know about Gamez?

The studio behind MadSkullz is also a Game Development Studio and has already proven its capacity to ship games on multiple platforms. We'd love to have you part of those awesome communities as well.

Please do try our games and tell us what you think of them โค๏ธ

Hamster Break

Hamster Break, The Brick Breaker


Duck-Tap, The Endless Runner

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