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We know it can be overwhelming to read a documentation of this kind so we've tried to make it the most digest as we could and it's going to improve along the way with the insights and feedback of the community. Please feel free to share yours on our Discord as well.

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SkullzCity Inhabitants

This section introduces our collections:

Three of them actually: BabySkullz NFT, Hall of Famez NFT and MadSkullz NFT

It explains the Rarities system within SkullzCity and the Tokenomics running the place.

MadSkullz Collection is now minted and sold out. Discover how the Minting Event went and the core system within our NFTs: Branded Attributes

SkullzCity Core

We document there everything you have to know about our Original Verse.

Our Vision and what we'd like to achieve is stated in Skullz City's Original Verse

Then an introduction to each and every building within the city:

Arcadza place Skullz can play in

Parliamentz where BabySkullz holders can vote

Schoolz where Skullz share their Knowledge, a place where you can either teach or learn

Validator Nodez what powers our city and others. It is our contribution to the Avalanche Network that we are part of.

Shopz a place where you will be able to get merchandising from your NFTs or from our partners

Other Buildingz we have a lot more to come, ready or not and are improving the city each and every day. At the end we're just Builderz.

Outside World

Just a place for us to share important links for you to dig, dive, learn or anything else.

Obviously the Marketplace where you can find our NFTs, Our On-Chain Tokens Contracts that you can watch and follow on Snowtrace and the Official Links to our world, social networks, projects etc...

Please do keep in mind that our team will NEVER DM you first on any social media. So please only follow the official links and do not trust anyone directly messaging you for special announcements

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