Rarity of our Collection explained from A to Z

Rarity Ranks

We have four levels of rarity defined in SkullzCity to make rarity easy to understand. Since our NFTs are all amazing, worst case is having a great one...
Great — Rare — Epic — Legendary
Rarity is used for the Portalz (Staking) mechanism and other upcoming features.

BabySkullz Rarities

​BabySkullz are all "the same" meaning that they all bring the same amazing rewards to their holderz regardless of their style
▶️ They have a rarity set to Epic

Hall of Famez Rarities

Our Hall of Famez unique pieces of art within SkullzCity as well as tributes to some of the greatest projects out there
▶️ They have a rarity set to Legendary

MadSkullz Rarities

Now this is where the magic begins: Our 6666 MadSkullz have a built-in rarity system based on their attributes and the rarity of those. Some unique 1/1 MadSkullz have unique attributes and per definition will be true legends. Rarity ranks are going from 1 to 6666:
You know that SkullzCity has something with the 6 so:
666 MadSkullz :
  • Rarity ranks 1-6 — 6 Creatorz NFT are Legendary
  • Rarity ranks 7-26 — 20 Forgottenz NFT are Legendary
  • Rarity ranks 27-666 — 640 MadSkullz NFT are Legendary
1000 MadSkullz
  • Rarity ranks 667-1666 — 1000 MadSkullz NFT are Epic
1667 MadSkullz
  • Rarity ranks 1667-3333 — 1667 MadSkullz NFT are Rare
3333 MadSkullz
  • Rarity ranks 3334-6666 — 3333 MadSkullz NFT are Great