Rarity of our Collection explained from A to Z

Rarity Ranks

We have four levels of rarity defined in SkullzCity to make rarity easy to understand. Since our NFTs are all amazing, worst case is having a great one...

Great โ€” Rare โ€” Epic โ€” Legendary

Rarity is used for the Portalz (Staking) mechanism and other upcoming features.

BabySkullz Rarities

BabySkullz are all "the same" meaning that they all bring the same amazing rewards to their holderz regardless of their style

โ–ถ๏ธ They have a rarity set to Epic

Hall of Famez Rarities

Our Hall of Famez unique pieces of art within SkullzCity as well as tributes to some of the greatest projects out there

โ–ถ๏ธ They have a rarity set to Legendary

MadSkullz Rarities

Now this is where the magic begins: Our 6666 MadSkullz have a built-in rarity system based on their attributes and the rarity of those. Some unique 1/1 MadSkullz have unique attributes and per definition will be true legends. Rarity ranks are going from 1 to 6666:

You know that SkullzCity has something with the 6 so:

666 MadSkullz :

  • Rarity ranks 1-6 โ€” 6 Creatorz NFT are Legendary

  • Rarity ranks 7-26 โ€” 20 Forgottenz NFT are Legendary

  • Rarity ranks 27-666 โ€” 640 MadSkullz NFT are Legendary

1000 MadSkullz

  • Rarity ranks 667-1666 โ€” 1000 MadSkullz NFT are Epic

1667 MadSkullz

  • Rarity ranks 1667-3333 โ€” 1667 MadSkullz NFT are Rare

3333 MadSkullz

  • Rarity ranks 3334-6666 โ€” 3333 MadSkullz NFT are Great

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