Learn about Skullz City's ERC20 Tokens

SkullzCity has its very unique and innovative way to function. We've built a Tri-Token system powering the heart of SkullzCity in a way you've never seen before.

3 tokens supporting the whole Skullz Community

Flesh ($FLSH) is the in-game currency, or in-metaverse per se:

A token only minted through staking and gaming mechanisms within Skullz City and given to NFT holders. (players and stakers)

You can stake your NFTs in a Fighting scene where they can go through the portalz to fight Humanz (Portalz (Staking)). They will bring Flesh home from their campaigns; The longer they fight the more Flesh they bring. Rarity of your NFT also affects your earnings, the rarest the better.

The Flesh token has a very unique way of working: since its flesh, it rots... Some of your Flesh becomes Rotten Flesh ($rFlesh) on a daily basis. (from 1% to X% depending on the rotten speed of it)

Both $FLSH and $rFLSH are non-transferable tokens and don't have liquidity attached. They directly serve the MadSkullz Ecosystem and Skullz City

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From Flesh to Bonez

Now, we get to our third token: Bonez ($BNZ); Bonez being gateway for liquidity in Skullz City:

You can Swap $rFLSH for Bonez $BNZ following specific halving mechanics. It has Liquidity provided in $AVAX and allows trading

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