๐ŸŒŽPortalz (Staking)

Learn how to Stake your NFTs in Skullz City

Staking is a feature in Skullz City and a way for you Skullz holders to get rewards from locking your NFTs in our contracts.

Staking happens in Portalz and each and every Portalz will bring you to a specific Worldz that has it's very own mechanics and very own rewardz.

The main elements of this staking feature are common to all worldz you'll visit. Each Portalz will use the Squadz and Slotz feature mentioned below and uses our custodial Lockerz Ticketz feature.


Squadz are "teams" of multiple NFTs that you send through the Portalz.

Skullz City offers the first Squadz to all holders, you'll be able to have multiple Squadz along the way so you can stake multiple NFTs and send them to different worldz at the same time.

SquadzUnlocking Price

First Squadz


Second Squadz

692 $rFLSH

Third Squadz

6,717 $rFLSH

Fourth Squadz

23,878 $rFLSH

Fifth Squadz

68,644 $rFLSH




Each and every Squadz is composed of 6 Slotz to add your NFTs to. You'll also need $rFLSH to unlock the Slotz.

Those prices are subject to change to adjust the game for all holders, shrimpz and whalez through a constant data monitoring and community feedback. Keep in mind that if a change occur it will still follow the main rule of not disadvantaging our very first users

Lockerz Ticketz

One of the key feature in Skullz City is to be able to Stake NFT within Portalz, but you'll also want to be able to see your NFT in your Houze as well as using it to access the different features within our world.

Introducing the Lockerz Ticketz, which works as a cloackroom, for each NFT you stake, you get a ticketz that hosts its metadata so our staking is custodial with the advantages of the non-custodial

You'll be able to see those Ticketz in your Houze with an added "staked" tag

Staking in Skullz City is Custodial. Lockerz Ticketz serve as proof of deposit

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