๐Ÿค–Missing Onez Portalz ๐Ÿ”ด

Bringing you to the Machinez World - Started December 2023

The Missing Onez Portalz: the Gateway to the Machinez World

The night the labz exploded, 666 of our dear Skullz went missing. We've called them The Missing Onez and have searched for them for a whole year until recently we've found them and brought them back home through cross-chain technology. The Hulkz & The Missing Onez

Once back in Skullz City, they told us of what happened and they seem to have been abducted in what they call The Machinez World. We thought Humanz were our only enemy...

Those Machinez are foraging and extracting $AVAX value out of their landz so our scientists opened a Portalz to bring Missing Onez back there so they can harvest some of this $AVAX juices.

Skullz with Tech-related Attributes are more efficient in this world and will bring more $AVAX from it every day.

Accepted NFTs

Staking Rewards

$AVAX rewards are based on the Rarities of your Skullz and in the Machinez World, Legendaries are better at finding $AVAX

RarityDaily Rewardz~USD (AVAX = 32$)

Great NFTs

0.005 $AVAX / day

$0.16 per day

Rare NFTs

0.01 $AVAX / day

$0.32 per day

Epic NFTs

0.02 $AVAX / day

$0.64 per day

Legendary NFTs

0.04 $AVAX / day

$1.28 per day


In The Machinez World, multiplier is linked to the number of Skullz you send. The more you send, the more efficient they are.









Relicz Utility

This portalz allows your NFTs to access the worldz equipped with Relicz. Relicz have a specific utility in each worldz (defined below). Keep in mind that you'll also be able to find Relicz while traveling there.

Attributes Utility

If you own MadSkullz NFTs with one or more of these "Technology" attributes, you're in for great perks within this Portalz.


Body: Circuit Board

+0.01 $AVAX per day

Eyes: Cyborg

+0.01 $AVAX per day

Body: Cyborg

+0.01 $AVAX per day

As for all Portalz, we recommend claiming as often as possible as when emptied the Portalz pool won't grant any more rewards

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