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BabySkullz NFT

We call them Believerz

Who are they?

In SkullzCity, While MadSkullz were preparing for the fight, our discord was burning and the community thrilled to get in.
We've created an NFT Collection of 500 BabySkullz through stochastic generation and have decided to allow the chosen ones to get in first, we call them @Believerz
Believerz because they are the first inhabitants of SkullzCity — They take things slow, have a positive energy, a blessed soul, believe that the future is full of surprises and that it holdz more than meets the eye...
BabySkullz Sold out in 3 hours
Mint Date
Initial Mint Price
Time to sold out
Contract address
3 hours

Why hodl BabySkullz

As the very first Collection in SkullzCity, our goal was to reward the ones who trusted our vision and the execution of it.
By owning BabySkullz, Holderz will enjoy multiple lifetime rewards, passive and active:
  • Weekly Lottery where Avax are airdropped to BabySkullz Holderz randomly (100+ Avax already distributed)
  • Automatic whitelisting (WL) to partner's NFT Minting events
  • NFT airdrops
  • Private Minting Events
  • Early Access to Alphas
  • BabySkullz are the gateway to SkullzCity and provide voting power on all the important decisions happening within our ecosystem.

Backed with SkullzCity's Treasury

Treasury from the BabySkullz Minting Event have been added to SkullzCity's Treasury and invested/staked in different protocols to make the most out of it.
Total Value in Treasury : 942.37 AVAX
Initial Amount
100.00 AVAX
48879.31 KLO
KLO staked
200.00 AVAX
14259.38 JOE
JOE staked
100.00 AVAX
100.00 AVAX
AVAX staked
4.67 AVAX
4.67 AVAX
AVAX liquid
470.00 AVAX
NFTs acquired
67.70 AVAX
67.70 AVAX
Treasury's Repartition

Where to buy?

Our BabySkullz are available on the main Marketplaceso you just have to check on them and get the Babyz you like
We recommend Joepegs and Kalao which have the best purchase experience and the more supply: