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Hall of Famez NFT

A tribute to greatness in the heart of SkullzCity

The Lore

In SkullzCity, we embrace diversity and inclusion. The Hall of Famez is a tribute to greatness, projects that have helped the industry move forward by bringing utility and talent on-chain.
Risa, MadSkullz artist has discovered a new world of opportunities by inviting amazing new skullz through the portal of SkullzCity. Skullz ready to fight for freedomz
They don't come empty handed, they obviously also bring more than meets the eyez

Why the HoF

On top of being a tribute to other projects, the Hall of Famez has a major utility for MadSkullz Community as well as the NFT holders
  1. 1.
    It serves as a bridge to other communities, other projects, other chains... giving visibility to Skullz City and bringing new adopters to our project and our blockchain in general.
  2. 2.
    HoF NFTs are the very first NFTs to have utility in both ecosystem: SkullzCity's Metaverse (MadSkullz Ecosystem in General) and the partner the tribute is dedicated to.
Some of them for example can be staked in both projects, others provide airdrops of NFTs or Cryptocurrencies; The BeeSkullz for example is even attached to a real life Hive and the Honey production from it is shipped to the holder 🍯
BeeSkullz before the Auction — Final price 21.22 AVAX

A Cross-Chain Initiative as well

The HoF is not only a tribute to projects on Avalanche bringing true utility in both ecosystems.
It is also the bridge to the Avalanche blockchain and serves as an educative project. So people from other chains (such as Solana, Ethereum, Terra) can discover the Avaxventurez (short for Avax-Adventurez) through the projects they already know and love.
You might already know some of them... 🥰

The dedicated building in SkullzCity

Hall of Famez Building — 2D