🐔Chiknz Bökgar Mountainz

Bringing you to the Northern territories, exploring Bökgar Mountainz - Started December 2023

Chikn Portalz: Bökgar Mountainz, the V3 Gateway to the Chikn Farmz

Following the discovery of the hostile Southern territories, the Skullz tirelessly sought a more peaceful land to explore. It was only after months of exploration to the north that they discovered the wild mountains of Bökgar, a serene place where the Chikn usually come to rest and hatch their eggs.

Through this Portalz, Skullz access their Chikn Farm and go worm picking on those Bok Bok Landz

Great Skullz are better than Legendaries at worm picking. They will bring $WORM from their journey. The more they are worm picking, the more they bring.

This is our third portalz with our great friends at chikn.farm If you'd like to compare to the first and second Chiknz Portalz, their docs are still available in the deprecated area: Chiknz Farmz 🔴 & Chiknz Southern Landz 🔴

Accepted NFTs

Staking Rewards

$WORM rewards are based on the Rarities of your Skullz but in the Chiknz Portalz, Greatz are the new Legendz meaning that your Great MadSkullz are better at worm picking than the Legendary ones.


In Chiknz Portalz, multiplier is linked to the number of Skullz you send. The more you send, the more efficient they are.

Relicz Utility

This portalz allows your NFTs to access the worldz equipped with Relicz. Relicz have a specific utility in each worldz (defined below). Keep in mind that you'll also be able to find Relicz while traveling there.

Attributes Utility

If you own MadSkullz NFTs with one or more of these farmer's attributes, you're in for great perks within The Southern Chiknz Portalz

Items from the Chikn Verse to be found

On top of $WORM, when you claim or unstake a Squadz, you have the opportunity to earn items from the Chikn ecosystem. Each of these items has specific utility and rarity in their world.

▶️ 500 items worth $2.7k are ready to be claimed

Drop chances have been revisited in Bökgard Portalz, Now, you'll have a guaranteed item every 15 days of staking this number can get lower thanks to the power of the Beinagrindz Relicz removing one day.

e.g: If you equiped 5 Beinagrindz Relicz, you'll be guaranteed an item every 10 days of staking (15-5)

Even if the Portalz is emptied from the $WORM, you can still stake and unstake to try your luck with items.

e.g a Legendary item left in the portalz after being emptied from it's $WORM would still keep its chances to be earned later on.

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