๐ŸšขSalvorz Portalz

Bringing you to the Salvorz Open Seas - Start September 2023

Salvorz Portalz, the Gateway to Salvorz Open Seas

Welcome to the Salvorz Portalz. Salvors have called Mercenary Skullz for help as a monster has appeared in their seas. They need fighters to help and theyโ€™re willing to pay big $ART bucks for the service. Mini Salvors will guide each mercenary through the open seas.

Accepted NFTs

Staking Rewards

$ART rewards are based on the Rarities of your Skullz and the Rarities of the Mini Salvors (Common, Rare or Epic).

RarityDaily Rewardz

Legendary NFTs

8 $ART / day

Epic NFTs

4 $ART / day

Rare NFTs

2 $ART / day

Great & Common NFTs

1 $ART / day


In Salvorz Worldz, multiplier is linked to the number of duos (Skullz + Mini Salvor) you send, from 1 to 3 duos in a single Squad. The more you send, the more they get paid.






Relicz Utility

This portalz allows your NFTs to access the worldz equipped with Relicz. Relicz have a specific utility in each worldz (defined below). Keep in mind that you'll also be able to find Relicz while traveling there.

Attributes Utility

If you own MadSkullz NFTs with one or more of these marine attributes, you're in for great perks within The Salvorz Open Seas


Hat: Captain Hat

+1 $ART / day

Outfit: Mariniรจre

+1 $ART / day

Hat: Octopus Hat

+1 $ART / day

Outfit: Tentacles

+1 $ART / day

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