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Validator Nodez

Our commitment to the Avalanche Network
We have chosen the Avalanche chain for multiple reasons. One of them is the Proof of Stake mechanism thanks to Validatorz running the network.
In the heart of SkullzCity runs a Validator Node powering the Avalanche Mainnet. Fees generating from Transactions will directly benefit to Skullzcity's treasury
SkullzCity will also benefit from Performance and Transaction fees from Node's Delegators

Introduction to the Validator Nodez

Launched on July 29th 2022
Avascan capture August 3rd 2022
We are really excited about this news since this was a huge milestone that we had on our roadmap and we understand the impact that this will have on SkullzCity.❤️
More than 2k $AVAX are staked to run Skullz City's Nodez and to bring many rewards for the Skullz Community!
➡️ By using Nodez to validate transactions in the blockchain, the treasury is receiving approx. 9% per year. That means a return of approx. 181 AVAX for the 2k AVAX.
➡️ By bringing delegators to our Nodez, the city will receive an additional 6.66% from the delegation fees. These fees will go directly to the treasury and will be used to further develop SkullzCity's ecosystem.
By delegating to our Nodez, yu get a chance to win extraordinary rewardz and benefits within the City

How to become a Delegator

Becoming a Delegator is an easy process:
  • You'll need a wallet on the
  • 25 Avax is the minimum amount to be a delegator
  • Select SkullzCity's Validator: NodeID-H1R3mBHFDeBoQzVYyHzX6RGnVV4nMTrWZ
  • Choose a time of delegation and get your staking rewards then
Here's a video on the complete process:

The Building in SkullzCity

Nodez Building — 2D